It was quite a revelation to realise that my own bad habits were causing arthritis in my knees and shoulder and also a back problem of long duration. June's Alexander lessons over a period of time have helped me to transform myself. The process has been exciting because the pain and poor mobility have completely disappeared and I feel restored to how I used to be years ago.

••••• Heather Ferrier

The problem that I had when I first came for Alexander lessons was a frozen shoulder, which was extremely painful and had very little movement.

I had been to my GP who had prescribed strong pain killers to be followed by a course of steroid injections. I was not happy with this and the pain killers were ineffectual, so I decided to try the Alexander Technique.

With every lesson that I had, the pain in my arm subsided and the mobility improved. Less than a year later, I have regained full movement in my arm and shoulder and I am pain free. I have also noticed other benefits in joints where I had arthritic pain, this too has eased and I find my walking has improved immensely. I would advocate the Alexander Technique for anyone who is finding movement difficult, especially due to arthritis.

••••• Joy Williams

I came to try the Alexander Technique as I had tried Podiatory, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy to treat a foot injury. However I was still troubled by pain and poor posture.

I have only been having lessons for a short while and whilst I can't say I have changed my postural habits yet, I am developing more awareness of them. I am trying to incorporate the technique not just into how I sit, stand and walk but also into any exercise I do.

The main benefit I have gained to date has been that I feel much calmer over all. Although I still get pain from my foot at times, I am more positive in dealing with this. Overall the Technique has given me more awareness, a sense of calm and positivity in dealing with any aches and pains remaining from my foot injury.

••••• Karen Birch

Recently I was sitting in the optician's and in the mirror I caught sight of the side view of another woman waiting. 'Wow, what beautiful posture she's got.' I thought. I was viewing myself from an unusual angle. I'm well aware that I wouldn't have been sitting like that before my Alexander Lessons.

••••• Heather Ferrier

As a keen rambler I was really dissapointed when arthritis in my knees forced me to give up regular walking. Since starting Alexander Lessons I have seen a very considarable improvement in my mobility and can now manage seven or eight mile walks without any pain in my knees.

••••• Ruth Benson

I started Alexander Sessions some time ago when I had back problems. Thankfully these are no longer an issue but I continue my lessons because they prove so beneficial in everything I do, particularly housework, gardening and even driving.

••••• Judy Thornton

I have been taking alexander technique lessons from June for some years now and find them invaluable. I started because years of working on a computer had left me with hunched shoulders, a stiff neck and back and bad posture which I knew was only going to get worse with age. I felt as if my head was sinking into my neck and my spine was shrinking.

Through the technique June has taught me to gently undo the bad habits I had acquired over many years which were underlying my problems. Now I am much more at ease and get less tired because I no longer put myself under unconscious physical stress. I give lots of presentations which means standing for long periods of time, but have learned through the technique how to do this without strain and effort.

The technique has also helped me with arthritis-related problems in my knees, from climbing stairs more easily to bending down to retrieve things from the back of low cupboards. Recently after suffering from a painful trapped nerve in my lower spine I was having trouble walking without throwing my weight onto my 'good' side. June has helped me with this, teaching me ways to overcome my limp and walk normally again. The technique is not a 'quick fix' but I believe it is something to use and go back to throughout life.

••••• Mary Todd

I suffer with arthritis and joint and muscle pain. Since having Alexander Lessons I have learned to move and I get on with my daily activities with much more ease. I also have less pain. I would definitely recommend it!

••••• Lois Stevenson