Lessons are one-to-one, and the teacher uses their hands to guide your musculature towards a state of ease and freedom.

The touch Is very gentle, you don't need to undress and there is no manipulation or massage. It's not a therapy, but a learning process, although it's not book learning. It's both mind and body learning. Explanations are given to teach you to use yourself more freely and easily, enabling you to carry out your daily activities more effectively.

The teacher's hands subtly influence your neuromuscular system and allow you not only to change during the lesson, but also to continue to work with what was initiated in the lesson and integrate it into your life. The aim is not just to help you alleviate your current problem but to teach you the skill to prevent it happening again. Even though people's needs may be different, the Alexander Technique is taught in the same way.

By taking Alexander Lessons you can learn how to improve your breathing, balance, co-ordination and movement. It's not about learning to relax, but, much more effectively, to release tension and stimulate a lengthening of your musculature. This lets you move and go about your life freely and easily. It's a skill, which, like riding a bike or driving a car, initially seems to have too many parts to co-ordinate! With practice though the Alexander Technique becomes a part of your life and you wonder how you managed without it!

What you learn in a lesson can be applied to any activity. Sitting at the computer with less tension. Driving without putting yourself under pressure. Gardening without strain. Responding calmly in stressful situations . The Alexander Technique can benefit everyone even if you are healthy and free from aches and pains. It is appropriate for people of all ages.

Lessons are £40 and a course of lessons is available at a reduced rate.

If you would like to try the Alexander Technique please call me on 01935 816840 for further details, or to arrange a lesson.

The Alexander Technique is a great help for musicians

I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the Alexander Technique - please call me. In addition, the website The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique is a comprehensive source of information.