Two case histories give you some idea of the problems which can be helped:

Hazel had always been very active but found she was not able to do as much as she used to. She had developed arthritis in her knees and shoulders and she also had a bad back. It was painful to do her usual activities. Over a period of time her lessons have helped her transform herself. The pain and poor mobility have completely disappeared. She feels restored to how she used to be years ago. She also found it a revelation that her own bad habits were the cause of some of her difficulties. She has now been able to stop taking painkillers.

Martin had a motorcycle accident when he was 18 years old and damaged his spine. He was in constant pain and could not move well or lift things. Martin recognised he had developed compensatory habits to protect his back which were infringing on his ease of movement. He now has much more flexibility, can carry out activities much more easily and experiences much less pain.

The Alexander Technique is a great help for musicians