I am a fully qualified Alexander Teacher with over 20 years working experience.

I came to the Alexander Technique by a recommendation from my sister. She thought I would benefit from lessons. I started lessons with Dick and Elizabeth Walker, who themselves were trained by Alexander.

It has been one of the best decisions of my life.

My first lessons were very enjoyable. I gained a greater sense of mental well being, becoming calmer and physically my balance improved so I was less tense.

I decided to give up my work as a potter and in 1987 I completed 3 years full time training and qualified as a teacher from the Alexander Training course in Totnes Devon. Since then I have taught the Technique to many people from various walks of life.

I also have experience in training Alexander Technique trainees. Before moving to Dorset, I used to teach on the training course in Manchester for teachers [MATTS] since its inception in 2001.

Since moving here, I have started teaching the Technique at Sherborne Girls school.

I am a member of the society of teachers of the Alexander Technique MSTAT

June Gill, Alexander Technique Teacher I have completed a postgraduate in Emotional Education. Apart from my personal interest in this subject I find it connects well with the Alexander Technique in understanding the influence of emotions on habits.

Quite often we are victims of our emotional processes. We can be swamped by our emotions and we are unaware of why and what triggers us. When this happens we have no choice or freedom about the way we react or respond to our feelings.

If we can learn to observe and connect to our thoughts and feelings before they overwhelm us, we then have a choice about whether or not to respond and also how to respond to our inner world. We can delay our initial impulse or give a voice to feelings that we might instinctively repress.

There is a parallel here with the Alexander Technique. For when we become aware of the habits that are causing the problem we learn not to go into them, we have a choice of how we can respond.

By studying Emotional Education I have become more aware of how lack of awareness of our emotions limits our potential. This supports and works well with the Alexander Technique.