Do you think the Alexander Technique can help you?

Are you really sitting or standing comfortably as you read this?

Would you like to move, bend and sit with less effort?

Are you getting the best out of yourself?

Most of us as children move freely and easily. As we grow up our balance, alignment and posture become disturbed, through habitual misuse or injury. This can lead to pain and stress affecting both body and mind.

Do you have problems with:

  • Neck, back pain and general bodily discomfort?
  • Poor posture, co-ordination and loss of freedom of movement?
  • Stress, anxiety, depression?
  • Breathing and voice problems?
  • General fatigue and lack of well being?

The Alexander Technique can help you.

The Alexander Technique can help you to overcome poor postural habits and relieve pain: give you more ease in movement, and a greater sense of well-being and improve the quality of your performance in life. It is a 'system of re-education for the mind and body' devised by an Australian actor, F M Alexander [1869-1955]

If you have any questions about how the Alexander Technique could help you, please call me on 01935 816840 for further details, or to arrange a lesson.